Man Travels Across Japan, Creating the World’s Largest GPS Drawing to Propose to His Girlfriend

Rather than go for the traditional, knee-weakeningly romantic line, “Will you make me miso soup for the rest of my life?” Yasushi Takahashi (nicknamed Yassan) wanted to propose to his girlfriend in a slightly more impressive way when he decided to pop the question. In June 2008, on his 31st birthday, he quit his job and embarked on an epic 6-month adventure across Japan. As he travelled between places by car he mapped out his route to spell out “MARRY ME” in giant lettering across the country, breaking the Guinness World Record for the largest GPS drawing ever made.

marry me

Yassan began his journey in Hokkaido, where he drew a heart, then visited tourist attractions and ate local delicacies in dozens of places as he traced a route as far south as Nagasaki. At one point he had to climb a mountain to keep his tracks straight and on another day he came off the road in his car, but eventually he managed to write a 4,451-mile (7,164km) proposal more legible than the average Tokyo Desu writer’s handwriting.

Thankfully, she said yes.


Via: Rocket News

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