GIFs: Mesmerizing 8-bit GIFs Capture the Video Gamey-ness of Japan

Expats and tourists in Japan have all manner of reasons for wanting to come to this big, high tech island nation in the first place. Some might say it’s the vibrancy and modernity of Tokyo that drew them here, or the slow pace and natural grandeur of rural Japan, the rich history of old Japan, or, hell, even the beautiful women. But if you don’t cop to video games having at least something to do with it, you’re a filthy, dirty liar and your pants are almost certainly on fire.

So, for those whose interest in Japan was at least partially sparked by pre-PS3-era video games (read: all of you), we have this mesmerizing set of 8-bit GIFs for your viewing pleasure, from talented digital artist 1041uuuha


jpgifs7 jpgifs2

There’s a benign, almost melancholy atmosphere hanging over a lot of these, recalling the works of American realist painters like Normal Rockwell and Edward Hopper… or, you know, your favorite SNES-era RPG town.

jpgifs9 jpgifs10 jpgifs6 jpgifs4

jpgifs11 jpgifs12

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