Now You Can Drink Cookies just as God Intended with Country Ma’am-flavored Milk

If there’s one foodstuff so delicious and addictive you literally want to cram it down your gullet so fast you wish it were a liquid, it’s probably cookies.

That’s probably half the reason the whole milk and cookies combo came about in the first place; some gluttonous kid just sitting at his kitchen table must have had a eureka moment where he realized dunking cookies in milk made them even softer and more easy to consume in ungodly quantities.

ScreenHunter_86 Dec. 04 22.35

Now junk food purveyor Fujiya has done the inevitable and combined milk and cookies into one holy libation with its “Drinkable Country Ma’am” (Country Ma’am being the brand name of its popular ready-to-eat cookie line) canned milk. Before you ask, we’re well aware that basically everything in that previous sentence sounds like something from the withdrawal-induced fever dreams of mid-diet Cookie Monster.

How it tastes will have to wait for the TokyoDesu taste test, which – let’s be honest – is probably unlikely to happen until Fujiya releases an alcoholic version, but we’re sure it tastes great, so knock yourselves out, guys. We won’t tell your grandmothers.

Photo via YouTube


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