Japan Attempting to Outdo Hollywood With a New Godzilla Movie

Leading Japanese film studio Toho, the owners of the rights to Godzilla, have announced that they are producing a new movie about the misunderstood monstrosity. According to the producer, Taichi Ueda, “The time has come for Japan to make a movie that will not lose to Hollywood.”


Hopefully engrossing story-telling will cover for what’s likely to be a fraction of Hollywood’s budget (pic: Shutterstock)

The recent US remake grossed over $500m so the decision should perhaps come as no surprise, though Toho have claimed that innovations in computer graphics technology were behind their decision, and not banking enough cash to put on the original 1954 Godzilla suit and stomp around a city built entirely out of stacks of banknotes, gleefully smashing towers down and roaring at interns to build them higher.

A tentative release date for the Japanese film set for 2016, while the sequel to Legendary and Warner Bros. most recent Godzilla movie will be released in 2018. May the best nuclear weapon metaphor win.

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