Hey Ladies, Exercise Your Bewbs with this Hilarious Boob Exercise Hand

Hey ladies, have you ever wanted to squeeze and fondle your own breasts in order to make them more perky and firm, yet you were too lazy to touch them yourself and there were no dashingly handsome TokyoDesu writers to do the job for you?

Rest assured, you can now squeeze and fondle your breasts with a plastic, disembodied hand the same way at least a half dozen or so Japanese women are doing with this crazy boob squeezing device.


If you’re not entirely convinced by either this ridiculous device or your high school prom date that boob massages help keep your breasts youthful and bouncy, just go ahead and watch this painful promotional video that we honestly swear is not a lesbian porn!


Yours for just US$26 wherever boob massaging disembodied hands are sold!


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