Dentiste Toothpaste Ad Will Melt Your Icy Hipster Scrooge Heart

ScreenHunter_17 Dec. 15 12.00

It’s Christmas in Japan… and due to some magical act of cultural appropriation THAT MEANS ROMANCE TIME. Sometimes, the traditional Christmas magic seems a little lost in translation, recently in a Lawsons 100 store the lyric ‘A snowflake is nearly blinding my eyes’ was heard. That’s not Christmas… that’s goddamn awful!!! There’s also the petition-worthy insanity that is REMOVING EVERYTHING CHRISTMASSY the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 26th!! This despite the fact that they start putting up the Christmas decorations as early as October.

Despite these radiant bits of gaikoku-confusion, we have to admit that Japan’s sexy couple-oriented Christmas-time has a magic all of its own. The illuminations are so beautiful, people from England cry at the simple circuitry of their own brains.

The following video is both a toothpaste advert by a company called Dentiste and a heart-warming bit of social commentary about how Japanese couples (apparently) struggle to express their unforgivably adorable feelings for each other.

Shot in Roppongi, the vibe is cold and wintery, like the unrequited hearts of TokyoDesu writers as they chew on a pork bun for consolation. But by sweet Santa’s fat ass did this make us feel all warm and Christmassy and in awe of all the cute Christmassy couply things. Aww… 

We wish we could take our pork bun into this booth with us.

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