Pictures: Cat Given Title of ‘The Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan’

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat earned an incredible $100 million this year – that’s more than football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, and he didn’t even have to try and sell a bizarre facial muscle exerciser in Japan while steadfastly refusing to use it himself – and now Japan has it’s own adorably odd-looking feline in Setsu-chan. There’s nothing unusual about him when awake, but he’s hideous when asleep. After his pictures horrified netizens nationwide he appeared on TV and scored a photobook deal under the title The Most Awful Sleeping Face in Japan: The Unparallelled Beautiful Cat Setsu-chan.

Here he is, looking perhaps a little condescending about the value-brand cat food you’re feeding him in the second picture, but pretty cute all the same.

cat face 1cat face 2

Tiredness sets in and the transformation begins…

cat face 3

He falls asleep and deep down inside, a darkness awakens.

cat face 4cat face 5 cat face 6cat face 7 cat face 8

When the pictures were (inevitably) posted on Reddit one commenter asked if someone could Photoshop a beer into them, and user XG549 duly delivered. Upon another request that someone name the beer Meowler Lite, ‘ultimawep’ replied “Can’t believe I just spent 2 hours branding a cat specific beer… Here you go I guess,” thus creating this feline representation of us all at work the day after our bounenkai.




Via: Kotaku


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