Lotteria Takes Jab at McDonald’s Fry Shortage with Hilariously Shamless Sign Update

As we reported just a couple of days ago, McDonald’s is currently suffering a french fry shortage that is putting Japan’s surprisingly voracious fry eating public in a bit of a panic. McDonald’s has been driven to desperation by the shortage and is resorting to importing the fries and even emergency airlifting them in like it’s some kind of military operation, which we hope had a hilariously serious-sounding codename like “Operation Enduring Frydom” or whatever.

And now, while McDonald’s Japan scrambles to keep sales up, another – famously unhinged – fast food retailer has gone ahead and kicked them while they’re down, updating their signs to read as follows:


Of course, this being Lotteria – the increasingly crazy antics of whom we’ve covered multiple times – we’re sure this refers to literally any size you can think of, including “10-gallon drum” and “stuffed inside of a chicken, inside of a duck, inside of a turkey.”

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