Gallery: Woman Creates Jaw-Dropping Modern Ukiyo-e Paintings

Ukiyo-e is pretty much synonymous with Japanese art… and, erm, also that whole unfortunate coincidence of starting the tentacle porn trend. Much of the world’s most renowned Japanese art is of the ukiyo-e school – including the iconic “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by pioneering artist Hokusai – but it’s generally considered more or less an archaic art form, what with most Japanese these days more interested in lining up for their Tokyo Station 100th anniversary AT ALL COSTS than with picking up a paintbrush or fiddling around with wood.

But one woman, former kimono artist and painter Haruyo Morita, is bringing the art form into the modern realm with amazingly beautiful pieces featuring women wearing (probably designed by Haruyo Morita for shameless advertising purposes) kimono. Looking closely, one can see a lot of modern touches in the works, such as the women’s generally sharper, more anime-ish noses:

kimono13 kimono11 kimono5 kimono4 kimono9 kimono10 kimono12 kimono2 kimono1 kimono8 kimono7 kimono3 kimono6

Photos via Fine Art America

Haruyo Morita personal website here

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