Gallery: Kyoto in Snow

While the rest of the TokyoDesu staff was spending their New Year’s in Tokyo, solidly drunk and maybe getting just a little sick of the constant partying and steampunk neon of Japan’s largest and most famous (aka, most sought-after by weeaboos) city, one staff member was able to make a break for it and head to Kyoto for the holiday.

As it happens, a major snow storm swept through the area during our intrepid writer’s trip, blanketing the area’s famed temples in white. The results were so awe-inspiring, we felt we had to share some snaps with you despite our writer being nowhere near a pro photographer. But seriously, this kind of snow is rare even in Kyoto – or so the lady at that one temple from The Last Samurai assured us as she charged us US$8 for the privilege of entering.

IMG_4516 S__6078525 IMG_4504 IMG_4512 S__6078523 S__6078534 S__6078522 IMG_4492 IMG_4488 IMG_4493 IMG_4505 S__6078526 S__6078524 S__6078531 S__6078537S__6078529 S__6078527 S__6078528 S__6078521

Photos property of TokyoDesu


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