Giving New Year’s Money Doesn’t have to be as Boring as You Thought

Otoshidama” is supposedly the giving of a small monetary gift from a superior in social standing to those of inferior social standing as a way of thanking them for their hard work throughout the year. But we all know it’s really just essentially a bribe from parents to children to not be assholes for the year to come. It’s the traditional Japanese equivalent of a Christmas present, in other words, except without the excitement of unwrapping something you’re at least 60% sure isn’t an ugly sweater from your grandma.

Usually, Otoshidama are clad in ceremonial envelopes that look neat and all, but must be horribly boring for the kids that receive them year after year. Some parents, however, recently have started putting their creative skills into their otoshidama to pretty good effect:

otoshidama3 otoshidama6 otoshidama8 otoshidama7 otoshidama5 otoshidama4 otoshidama1 otoshidama2

Photos via My Game News Flash

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