Giant Fighting Robot Now Available on Amazon for Your Next Evil Billionaire Cocktail Party

Looking for a nice gift to bring to your next evil billionaire cocktail party but unsure of what to get for the evil billionaire in your life that already seems to have everything?

Amazon Japan has your back, as it’s now offering the KURATAS giant, actually pilot-able mech from Suidobashi Heavy Industries – which we panicked about ages ago once before in this site’s infancy – for delivery right to your door. We presume Amazon is delivering the working mech via orbital drop like a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare care package so you can impress your friends by having it conveniently crash down in your yard at your next barbecue.

ScreenHunter_21 Jan. 08 11.08

The 12-foot tall robot can be yours for just over a cool million USD (plus – no joke – 350 yen for shipping) via Amazon, but we imagine all you evil billionaires out there can probably trade in one of your dubiously-acquired nuclear superweapons for a KURATAS unit directly from the manufacturer.


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