This Picture of a Flight Full of Sumo Wrestlers will Make You Forget all Your Travel Complaints

If you thought sitting on the runway for an hour with a kid kicking your seat was bad, wait til you get a load of this plane literally full of sumo wrestlers. Imagine you’re the only normal sized person on the flight and tell us it doesn’t make you sort of appreciate that the worst you normally have to deal with is an overly-talkative row-mate.



In fact, you should probably go ahead and download this picture to your phone so you can look at it any time you find yourself sitting in traffic or on the tarmac getting frustrated about how barreling through the air at miraculous speeds just isn’t fast enough these days.

The wrestlers, who presumably received drink service in the form of a fire hose spewing Coca Cola down the aisles, actually belong to the relatively new but very famous Hakkaku sumo stable, which has a pretty solid PR department, allowing us to enjoy (and swipe) these beautiful pics from their Twitter account.



Photos via Hakkaku Twitter account

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